Elderly care program

Elderly care program

Elderly care program

Many older people in Uganda struggle to bring in a reliable income and are vulnerable to living in poverty. Many live in chronic ill health or have disabilities that limit their ability to lead independent lives and participate in their local communities.

Yet countless older people have the responsibility of caring for orphaned grandchildren who have lost their parents to AIDS or other diseases.

Age discrimination is rampant in most of Uganda districts, particularly around inheritance laws, which tend to disproportionately impact women.

Building secure incomes

We advocate the Uganda Government to continue to expand its grant to older people that is being piloted in only a few districts, as well as help older people access existing poverty reduction programmes.

Supporting older people’s health

We work with other non-government organization to improve health services for underserved group of people, and ensure they are included in key national health policies, such as HIV and AIDS programs.