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Volunteer is ‘Inspire, equip, and mobilize’

Your support powers our research, every pound or dollar raised and every minute of your time will help to make a massive difference to people’s lives. By joining our community volunteering team you are joining the fight for every heartbeat and a better world

By volunteering, you will be helping people in need but experience the wonder and culture of the “Pearl of Africa.” Uganda is the ideal volunteer destination, trusted by thousands of volunteers since 2008 with the most affordable volunteer projects.

We work with orphans, People Living with HIV/AIDS, Health care, research, entrepreneurship program, Education, Disadvantaged groups, women, youth, children and elderly persons.


Are you seeking a meaningful, safe affordable and exciting adventure abroad in the Pearl of Africa? The very name exudes adventure   the geographical heart of the African continent in the world lays in the extraordinary land of Uganda.

Your opportunity to experience adventure while volunteering to serve the people of Uganda is here today

Uganda lies astride the equator, where the east African savannah meets the West African jungle, making this an area of unimaginable biodiversity. There is no other country in the world like it. Over 100,000 species of animals, including 1200 species of butterflies call Uganda their home.

When you join IFSC volunteer group, you don’t just volunteer. You will acquire the much needed experience in your area of interest and get an opportunity to tour and make difference in your life.


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