The organization mission: To promote a positive attitude and offer comprehensive health services to the less privileged, i.e. vulnerable children, youth, women, elderly and people with disabilities to enhance their rights and welfare so that they can wholesomely contribute to economic development of Uganda. Our emphasis is on capacity strengthening through trainings and transfer of practical knowledge and skills to children, women, youth, the elderly and people with disabilities.



International Family Support Centre targets vulnerable children, youth, women, elderly and people with disabilities to ensure that we use an integrated community based approach so that our core program areas are delivered systematically to complement each other in mitigating the plight of disabilities as well a building capacity of households to ensure sustainability.


Gender sensitivity

We value diversity as a spice of life.

Sustainable Development

We place the youth and their communities at the center of sustainable development in Uganda and participate in activities aimed at conserving the environment for future generations.

Strengthen Ugandan’s innovations into employment opportunities globally

Strengthen agricultural development in rural areas

Promote global partnership for economic development.

Bring us your ideas

Any change in any society starts with generation of ideas. Therefore, a one man idea can be valued an less it creates impact to a community which leads to economic, social and environmental transformation

With our development partners we strive for positive change, a you looking for places where you can explicitly initiate your idea do not look further international Family Support Centre is here to give a hand.